With a viewer we can see during the conversation what happens on your screen. This saves more than just your nerves!

online training or support

With the viewer, we provide a one-time and secure connection directly to your PC. No installation, configuration or registration.

This is uncomplicated and we can then see exactly at which point you have questions or problems, or we will train you in our products . Save a lot of time and travel expenses. We guide you step by step to the solution.

From the Guest’s perspective

You can see how pcvisit works at the example of pcvisit ProfiSupport.

  1. Start the Guest module
    Start the Guest module by by double clicking on the pcvisit icon on your desktop.
  2. Insert the session ID
    Insert the session ID into the input field on the start screen and then click on Start. The session ID you receive from the Host.
  3. Start the session
    When you see the name of your session partner at the Guest module, the connection is made. The pcvisit session can begin.

Safety and Technology

An increasing number of SECURE: that we attach particular value.

VeriSign signatur

All pcvisit modules are provided with a code signature. This signature ensures that you download and use the unchanged original software of pcvisit. The internationally recognized and widespread signature process from Verisign is used in this case.

Server signature

Also, the authenticity of the pcvisit server is checked using a signature process. In this way it is ensured that all pcvisit modules are linked with verified pcvisit servers and attacks through manipulated servers or IP spoofing are not possible.

128-Bit encryption

Every pcvisit session is encoded in order to prevent manipulations and monitoring of data. The 128-Bit Blowfish algorithm employed in this case corresponds to the SSL Standard regarding security. Thus pcvisit is at least as secure as online banking.

No change to the system

With ending the guest module, the PC is again in its initial status. No changes are implemented on the guest computer (such as e.g. registry entries). The pcvisit guest module, which is provided via Internet or e-mail, is loaded into the main memory (RAM) only. No installation is carried out. In this way, pcvisit combines ease of use and data protection.