Heat load EN 12831 incl. HTCAD-Floor plan design - Domestic Version* only € 650,-

The program HT2000 Heat Load EN 12831 allows you to enter data into a table or to tranfer it automatically from the floor plan design.

For customers it is less time-consuming to remember how the new program works.

Scope of functionality

  • The foundation is EN 12831
  • U-value calculation including material catalogue ISO 6946
  • drawing of floor plans with direct data transfer to heat load design
  • Graphic display for temperature distribution in module
  • DXF-Export
  • PDF- / FAX-/ SCAN-Template Import
  • Simple roof pitch and dormer definitions with a 3D-assistent
  • coloured display of the specific heat load
  • Export results als RTF-or PDF-file
  • Quick, efficient entry to table; least possible amount of definition time required
  • Data transfer to all HT2000 programs HT2000
  • and much more...

*Domestic Version with a maximum of 4 storeys and 20 rooms