• Pipe system design for heating
    Complete scope of functionality corresponding to HT2000 Pipe system for heating Read more
  • Construction with the mouse
    Construction of pipe networks in the floor plan, single and double pipe system, two pipe reverse return system, thermostat valve setting, circuit control valves and pumps, creating hydraulic switching schematics with corresponding symbols.
  • Connecting automatically
    Detecting of radiators, Wärmeverbraucher, valves and pumps.
  • Calculation automatically from the floor plan
    Hydraulic pipe network calculation for single, two pipe reverse return system and two pipe systems with various materials as steel, copper, plastic etc., automatic valve dimensioning (pipe and formed part data records are available from various manufactures). Storey related calculations or calculations for the entire building.
  • Output
    Drawing via plotter or printer as well as output of calculations including measurement summaries and proposal texts.