The floor plan design program is a specially optimised CAD program with powerful features for creating floor plans in combination with the program HT2000 Heat Load EN 12831.

Program construction meets the practical demands and requirements of the branch so that operation is made possible without any previous CAD knowledge or training. Floor plans can be scanned in, constructed or imported with DXF/DWG and then edited. The plans can be designed and labelled using the CAD features. Plumbing symbols are included in the scope of delivery. The user can create his/her own symbols.

The floor plan data and room data of the drawing can be transferred directly to the heat-load calculation. The outer dimensions, inner dimensions, half wall thickness or full wall thickness are all taken into account automatically.

Scope of functionality

  • Entry of the room data according heat load DIN EN 12831 
  • Entry of the building elements in the U-value program 
  • Definition of the storey heights, ceilings and floors in the storey table 
  • Read a SCAN/FAX-template or import of a DXF/DWG file 
  • Floor plan created automatically by clicking on corner points after selecting the building element      
  • Automatic tranfer toHT2000 Heat load EN 12831 from the floor plans. 
  • Automatic assignment of the neighbouring room temperatures
  • Automatic consideration of the outer dimensions and wall thickness 
  • Quick and easy-to-operate, without CAD training and without any previous AUTOCAD knowledge 
  • 100% AUTOCAD compatible DXF/DWG Import / Export 
  • Multi-Page-Printing, output of any drawing size to any printer 
  • and much more....!